Northland NZ - 12-22 May 2015

It's Monday and I'm home - nearly 2 weeks since I set off for the Far North in my camper. Wellington to Kaitaia is 1000 kms so a long way and a lot of driving. My goal was to test the waters to see if I can continue to build this body of work of women in their 60s, away from my studio in Wellington. And it will work:) Thankfully I love driving. In fact I could've just carried on and on. Things just unfolded as I went.

It's an entirely different experience going into someone's home to take their portrait. Taking a persons portrait is always an intimate experience no matter where it is, but being in someones home takes it to a different place again. Tony Bridge talked about this in his review of the book - in his words "the shared experience floating in the space between sitter and photographer". On this trip I had to loosen up on my desire for a plain dark back drop and had to find a way to use the environment to create a space that didn't distract from the women, but added to her sense of who she is and kept her at the centre of the portrait. 

But here are a few snapshots of some of the lovely people I spent time with and see their portraits here. 

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