Having your photo taken

First of all it's not as scary as it seems. Here's what Elaine and Ro said ...

Thanks so much Jenny. What a wonderful start to my day this morning. You put me in tune with my destiny, you made me focus on myself.  Elaine - Whangrei - 23 May 2015

What made the experience so wonderful? Well, firstly, the eye gazing through the camera's eye was female. The body behind the camera, and the body in front of it, had the shared experience of living sixty years in a female body with all it’s waxing and waning ambiguities. 

Check out the feedback from women who were in the first stage of the project. Once you've contacted me, we will make a time to meet either in person or over the phone, and talk about the project and take the time to get to know each other a little. Usually after that chat, we set a date for the photoshoot and then start  planning how you want to present yourself at this time in your life.

Other than the portrait must be full length and will be in a studio-like set up, the world is your oyster. I will be involved as little or as much as you like in planning what to wear, props etc. 

Now that I'm travelling around New Zealand, I have a fully portable studio set up that can be set up anywhere where there is a reasonably high ceiling and a bit of space to set up the backdrop and a couple of simple lights.

As these portraits are part of this project, there is no cost to you and I retain copyright of the images.  You will receive a small set of unedited test prints and one A4 size print of your choice. This will all be confirmed by a formal consent form that you will sign.