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2011-2014 - The Beginnings

As I headed towards my 60th birthday in February 2012, I began to sense this milestone was different.  I saw it as a period of transition, more certain in some ways but less certain in others. I wondered what other women my age were experiencing. I decided to explore these questions by talking to and photographing 60 women who are 60. The first portrait was taken in March 2012 and the last in this first series was taken in June 2013 and a further 15 more taken from 2013-1016. 

Thanks so much Jenny. What a wonderful start to my day this morning. You put me in tune with my destiny, you made me focus on myself.  Elaine - Whangarei. 

What made the experience so wonderful? Well, firstly, the eye gazing through the camera's eye was female. The body behind the camera, and the body in front of it, had the shared experience of living sixty years in a female body with all it’s waxing and waning ambiguities. Ro - Nelson. 

2014 - The Book

The book, published by Phantom House Books, was released to high acclaim by the New York based website SeniorPlanet and reviewers Dr Cathy Dunsford and photographer and writer Tony Bridge. 

The Exhibition - 5-29 March 2015 - Pataka Art + Museum, Porirua Wellington

The collection was exhibited for the first time in March 2015.  A special feature of the gallery space was a conversation area where visitors could relax and talk and the ‘response wall’ inviting them to respond to the images in their own words.

20 March 2015 – Stepping Out at 60 - The Stage Show

Supported by the Pataka Education Programme and in conjunction with the exhibition, we staged 'Stepping Out @ 60’.  Ten of the women dressed as they were in their photograph, brought the images to life by stepping out onto the stage and telling their stories to a live audience. 

The Exhibition - 19 Aug-6 Nov 2016 - Te Manawa Palmerston North 

1 Oct 2016 – Stepping Out at 60 - The Stage Show

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