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Hello Jenny, I just returned home after my day at the bridal shops for my 30 year old daughter. It was wonderful and then I thought oh dear what will I wear? I am turning 60 in July and want to look beautiful but ahhhh it's not as easy as it used to be. So I searches the web for real woman at 60-not stars with Botox and such-and came across you. Thank you! If you are in CT I would love to be part of your project and I have friends that are all turning 60 this year too!

Jenny, this book is more sensational than I thought it would be - and that was wildly sensational. I had trouble looking at the portriats and reading their words because of my tears. Tears of happiness and tears of gratitude to you. What a wonderful gift to women, to humanity. Steve

The link to the website was forwarded to me by some friends who had received it from other friends, so its getting around :) They sent it to me because I turned 60 last year and to celebrate, I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain (800kms) alone, finishing in Santiago the day before my birthday. I came to Australia in 1977 as a 23 year old, leaving eight siblings and two parents behind. The man who wooed me turned out to be someone completely different the day after we married. 

My four adult children are slowly getting used to who I am after living in a family with a severely depressed father for decades - he finally took his life five years ago. I currently work as a clinical counsellor in Women's Health and am developing a programme for schools to support children/young people in managing trauma, maintaining good mental health and building a future. There's another potted history for you - can't wait to live the life that belongs to me. Looking forward to seeing the book.

Hi, what an awesome idea, and created and completed with respect, humour and sensitivity. This has made me think about who I am at 61, not just a mum, grandmother, widow, but an individual. Well done, and how about doing this internationally, interesting to see if there are common links ( pretty sure there will be). Thankyou for this gift of femininity, stronger and surer in maturity. Rhonda

Gee I love seeing proud, independent and confident mature women. Aren't we special! It's a lovely age I think, and I'm in such a happy place, thankfully still with good health. I live in Dubbo, NSW, a small regional city of around 40,000 in the middle of the state.

My husband, David, is an avid reader of everything and forwarded the Senior Planet website to me. I am a very happy 60-year old, so it will be a great Christmas or New Year present!  Beautiful photos, and stories – you must have enjoyed producing your book and now extremely proud! Juletts - Costa Rica

I've been meaning to contact you since my friend Francie gave me a copy of your fabulous book for my 50th birthday. I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration your project is. Wonderful to see all these stories about such a diverse range of women.

I love this being 64 myself.. i am having a hard time accepting being of age.. and sometimes do not want my photo taken.. love it love grand job.. xoxo

LOVE Your concept! I would very much like to see the Images of each Woman last longer on Your Video though. Each Image is worthy of lingering with. One of the things about Getting Older ( I am 68 ) is that I Appreciate slowing down and paying more attention to each Moment. As a Photographer doing so has added significant depth to the Emotional Content of My Own Work. Thank You

Thank you ! Ordered a copy for myself and one for my friend , we live in New York and Texas . I hope this is not a problem . We both turned 60 this year , Again , thank you .

Noel - When I got home last Thursday with your book I couldn’t put it down and read it from cover to cover there and then. Well done, you can be very satisfied with it.

Sally - I have just received a copy of Visible 60 women at 60 from my sister. What a wonderful book you have created. Jane & her friend Dorothy were thrilled to do this for you & can see why. It has made me realise that when I turn 60 in July, that anything is possible. Thank you for a beautiful book.

Nicola - I just got my book and had to stop work to read it...it's beautiful Jenny! What an amazing project...congratulations!

Russ -  Hi Jenny, In a word, Excellent! Great piece of work and very high quality publication.  You have every right to feel very proud of the end result. Well done

Gill - it is a fabulous book. Inspiring to see vibrant women doing their own unique things in life – lovely book to have on your coffee table.

Peter- Wow what an amazing night. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the World! The book is outstanding and I can't wait to give it to my Mum. 

Deb Ferrere - JENNY!!!! THE BOOK IS F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C !!!!!!!STUNNING!!!! Just gorgeous! I have only had a chance to quickly look through it between meetings so haven't read it all but did turn every page and loved every single one! Was especially exciting seeing those gorgeous women I know (some I didn;t even know were involved!  and the absolute beauty and strength you have captured in each of your photos (expressed in so many different ways!) You have done them and yourself SO proud Jen! Feel ridiculously emotional my friend…its beautiful!